Tory Lanez is back with a new single questioning all the rappers who constantly expose their flashy jewelry and their new cars about what’s real and what’s not. The Toronto rapper is guilty of committing the same sin but he often stops and thinks about the people liking him for who he really is or for what he has. This is also the main topic for “Say It“, another release from the “Fargo Friday’s” series.

Watch “Tory Lanez – Say It” Music Video

The Story Behind “Say It”

Tory realizes that people act differently when he exposes his material side when he met a girl from his neighborhood. At first, she completely ignored but when he pulled off in his foreign car he instantly received some attention with the girl even deciding to ride with him.

Lanez knows the truth and he planned this whole thing but he wants the girl to admit she fell for him only because of his belongings yet he hopes to make her fall in love for real after getting to know him.

Judging by the video Tory was the one falling for it in the end as his girl leaves with another man she met at a party but love will always be a gamble and the rapper is willing to take the risks and the loss.