DJ Khaled teams up with Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper, and Quavo for ‘another one’ of his name-dropping superstar line-up hits under the name of No Brainer. Below we’re going to break down the title of the song while trying to find out the meaning of Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper, and Quavo’s lyrics.

Before we get going, take a sec and to check out the “No Brainer” music video if you haven’t seen it yet.

With in an Instant

The song begins with Justin Bieber’s Chorus that seems to be dedicated to his current loved one. According to him, the girl he is seeing right now is a 10 out of 10, with the singer falling for her almost instantly. Even if there’s chemistry between the two of them, the girl in cause seems to be seeing someone else at the same time. However, Bieber says that he can do better while promising to change her life in a single night. Next, the singer says the choice is a no brainer, hence the name of the song.

Quavo: Don’t Talk to Strangers

Quavo takes Verse 1 while suggesting that he’s also interested in someone that’s possibly out of his league. However, the Migo asks his future love to take a chance with him while promising the fun of her life in his brand-new drop-top. Quavo also fell for this specific person on the first night they met after he saw her dancing. Their chemistry was also too much to handle, so they went to Quavo’s place to get to know each other better.

DJ Khaled - No Brainer ft. Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper, Quavo
DJ Khaled – No Brainer ft. Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper, Quavo via YouTube

Chance the Rapper: Don’t look rich

Chance the Rapper takes Verse 2 while suggesting despite the fact that he doesn’t look or act rich, he knows how to have a good time. When it comes to his lovers, Chance likes them classy. And he found just the perfect person at a party but unfortunately, this someone is just another groupie that wants the spotlight. The rapper is not upset so he makes a proposal for her and her best friend to join his squad.

Justin Bieber: Demand Attention

In Verse 3 Justin Bieber offers more details about the girl he was talking about in the Chorus. According to him, this lady is so good-looking she doesn’t even seem real. In fact, she looks so good he feels like she just touched his soul. They manage to get together eventually, and it’s everything the singer’s dreamed of. As a matter of fact, their chemistry is so powerful that they got everyone hating. But it’s all good because the girl plays it cool and Bieber goes along with it.

A Surprising Fact About the Person Who Produced and Promoted “No Brainer” the Most  

DJ Khaled is one of hip-hop’s greatest producers of all time. It’s really hard to argue against the fact that he truly is one of the best producers ever –as his “We the Best” slogan declares. It’s therefore, no surprise that he has a string of hit songs on his belt each year. We can’t really know how many times we have heard his ‘Another One’ catch-phrase in the past. What we do know is that we are likely to hear it many more times in the future.

Without a doubt, “No Brainer” was an extraordinary success. One of the key reasons for the song’s success was the song’s formidable line-up of artists.  However, the song’s production and marketing arguably played a more important role than most people realize. Therefore, it is quite surprising that a little known advertiser and producer influenced the song’s advertising campaign.

The Little-Known Advertiser

It turns out that the major advertiser and ‘star of the show’ for the “No Brainer” single was DJ Khaled’s son, Asahd. The mini-mogul took the center-stage in an Apple Music advertisement that dropped on July 26th, 2018, one day before the release of the hit single “No Brainer.”

Comedian Kevin Hart played the voice of Asahd in the advert, which is primarily based on a father-son comedy clip depicting an argument that quickly gets heated up. In the clip, Asahd is seen and heard complaining about not getting his money right and scribbling in crayon on what looks like important business papers. The young mogul is also heard crying, “I got to get paid,” while tossing Cheerios out of a golden bowl. See the ad here.

Needless to say, DJ Khaled was never going to win that argument…he should have just made sure that he had paid the ‘real boss’ in good time.

Surprise Executive Producer

As if being the main song advertiser of a smash hit was not enough, the hit song “No Brainer” was executively produced by no other than Asahd himself –about 3 months before turning 2 years old.

Real boss moves by DJ Khaled’s mini-mogul.