Justin Bieber

A Larger Meaning in Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” Song
by Nov 24, 2015

A collaboration with Skrillex and Diplo, Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” is the second single released last Friday, from his new album “Purpose” which incorporates the elements of Dancehall and Electronic Dance Music. His vocal manipulation added a sincere, warm, and exciting color to the song that wholeheartedly complements his apology. Justin Bieber has... Read More

Who Does Selena Gomez Want to Look Good for?
by Sep 28, 2015

As Selena Gomez achieves another career milestone, her song “Good For You” claimed the number #1 spot of the Billboard Top 100, The 23-year-old gorgeous singer jested that she feels like a ”pregnant woman at nine months” as she is so ready to release her new album ‘Revival‘, which drops... Read More

Justin Bieber Tells the Story of an Undecided Love Affair
by Sep 21, 2015

Playing in the Big league since 2010, Justin Bieber has been and still is taking the world by storm. His whole career can be viewed as an emotional rollercoaster, and he’s still enjoying the ride. Some of his fans also. One thing that we can attribute to Bieber is the... Read More