Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean
Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean via YouTube

Playing in the Big league since 2010, Justin Bieber has been and still is taking the world by storm. His whole career can be viewed as an emotional rollercoaster, and he’s still enjoying the ride. Some of his fans also.

One thing that we can attribute to Bieber is the concept that great success comes with an even greater amount of… you guessed it, Controversy. He is literally the most loved and the most hated artist alive, but that one thing alone gave him the greatest amount of attention anyone could possibly desire.

Bieber has been ridiculed, adored, worshiped, or simply hated; but all these put together generated a great amount of commentary and storm that was so needed for building the industry that this child- rock star has behind him.

We watched him go from a sweet kid to a troubled teenager that has the exact same problems as any celebrity that has to deal with the fame they can’t handle; but then again, Justin is now maturing, and I bet we’ll get to see and hear great quality entertainment from him in the coming future, and not only the kind that speak to teenage girls.

A Fresh Approach from Justin Bieber in “What Do You Mean?”

This fresh track titled “What do you mean?” is the second song from a new chapter in Bieber’s career (Where Are Ü Now being the first). The song is laid back, chill and groovy. The beat and lyrics tell the story of yet another undecided love affair.

This song is quite different from what we’ve heard from Justin in the past, and I must say, it’s a pretty impressive move. The tune is first, honest. It really is, and the reason behind that is how he managed to create the atmosphere for both the melody and the videos.

I find it interesting that the song has two official videos- the first, more commercial, cinematic and sexy, that is purposely made to sell, and a lyric video that barely shows us, Justin, in real person.

Video 1 – Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean?

Video 2 – Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean? (Lyric Video)

This second clip is mostly focused on the words and actual voice of the singer, making a stronger connection on an emotional level and letting the audience experience and interpret the meaning, rather than getting attention with partial nudity. And this second approach for the video is a part of Bieber that we are yet to see- the hood, skater persona that he has been experimenting with lately and suits him really well.

Whether it’s a marketing strategy to expand the fan areas or an honest approach to a new way of life, this song reflects a more mature and original musical language of a controversial pop star.