Logic, the Gaithersburg, Maryland rapper who always has a story to tell now comes with a strong statement for “Fade Away,” his 3rd single off “The Incredible True Story.” In essence, the track is encouraging us to aspire and achieve big things until the final act of our life comes, and we fade away. The rapper also takes this opportunity to express how grateful he is for living his dream, but he also tells us that he doesn’t plan on taking a break anytime soon.

Listen to Logic – Fade Away

Follow Your Dreams and Make the Best of Everything

From his point of view, he will never stop practicing this craft but providing for his family and never making the same mistakes as they will always be a top priority for the rapper as well as a solid motivation to never accept defeat or failure. Life is unpredictable and you could be gone the next minute you step out of the house one day but that should not scare anyone and instead, it should motivate people to live, desire, and make the best out of everything.

Logic is also aware of how lucky he is to be living his dreams and to be in the spotlight, a position he always wanted. However, he knows that maintaining takes even more effort but that’s fine since reinventing himself and making music is what he knows best. Until when? That remains to be seen but until then the rapper is encouraging us to accept the idea of not being immortal and to make the best out of our life.