Teenage sensation Khalid surprises us with another single under the name of “Better,” a song that raises the issue of being there for your significant other and receiving the same treatment when real-life situations occur. Let’s break down the meaning behind the song and try to find out what Khalid means by “Better.”

Just Take in This Smooth Jam!

The singer begins his plea by suggesting that his significant other makes him feel drunk in love even when he’s completely sober. From what we can tell, in Verse 1, Khalid doesn’t mind that his loved one is out of his league, and he’s actually happy to stand in the shadows as long as he gets to maintain the relationship. In fact, he’s happy with keeping their encounters private as long as they get to see each other.

Nothin’ feels better

In theory, that should be extremely simple to do since Khalid and his significant other lives close to each other. The singer suggests that he is happy to wait for the attention he deserves because nothing feels better than this. Despite diving into this new affair, Khalid is sometimes forced to face the truth. His partner doesn’t want to officialize the relationship, although it feels right when the two of them are together.

(You say we’re just friends but I swear when nobody’s around)
You keep my hand around your neck, we connect, are you feeling it now?

KhalidBetter Lyrics

However, the singer wants to know if his significant other feels the same about him and if there’s any chance for them to be official. Even so, he dives right in headfirst and opens up about his feelings even if this might mean the end of their love affair. But before opening up 100%, Khalid invites the girl to his place to engage in what they talked about for weeks when they couldn’t see each other.

Khalid Better

At the end of the song, the singer describes his passionate moments with his loved one while leaving the impression that even if they’re never going to be together officially, the present is all that matters to him. He most likely wants us to understand that nothing lasts forever, so we should enjoy our loved ones how and when we can because they might turn into a bittersweet memory one day.

A Fact About Khalid Better Video That You Didn’t Notice

A Secret Romance

If you have watched Khalid’s video for his smash hit “Better,” then you are obviously aware that in the video, Khalid is portrayed as deeply in love with the woman who features in the video… So much that he pulls a few rather ‘eccentric’ dance moves as a result.

No doubt, the “Better” song is amazing –and the video is an equally beautiful vibe. However, not many people who watch it can detect Khalid’s ‘secret’ romance in the video. The chances are that you wouldn’t even realize the existence of this ‘secret romance’ despite watching the video ten times over –and you have probably already watched it that many times.

However, Khalid’s ‘secret romance’ is in plain sight for all to see in the video. Yup, You guessed it! The BMWs are drifting and driving past him throughout the video.

No, it’s not an accident. The “Better” video is dominated by a classic BMW model known as the 1997 BMW M3 E36. This BMW model is considered one of the best BMWs ever made.

Not many people may know this but Khalid has a love for BMWs. This is what he had to say about BMWs in an interview by the car manufacturer:

“BMW has always been my favorite car growing up. In my childhood days, my mom had a 3 Series. It had a dark earthy green color. I always used to want to drive it. The first time that I got to drive it – finally! – I was doing driver’s ed, so I was like “Oh my God, I don’t want to crash it.” My first car was a BMW 4 Series Convertible that I loved so much. It was like my baby. Then I kept seeing an M6 drive past me on the road and I was like, “I got to step it up,” and I got me an M6 and bought my mom a 5 Series.”

According to Khalid, BMW is power, and he feels like he controls the road when he is driving one. Another thing you would also be interested in knowing about Khalid’s songs is that he loves making music you can drive to. Particularly, he loves making songs you can drive to with your windows down wherever you are. He also loves to make music that you can just ride to with your friends while singing aloud without caring what other people think. (Best feeling in the world!)

So the next time you go on a long drive and are burning rubber on the tarmac, play one of your favorite songs from Khalid and think…. Nothing feels better than this. Because the truth is that the song you picked was most probably crafted for that very moment – and for that very purpose.