Khalid Explains How Everything Is ‘Better’ When You’re in Love

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by Oct 5, 2018

Teenage sensation Khalid surprises us with another single under the name of “Better”, a song that raises the issue of being there for your significant other and receiving the same treatment when real life situations occur. Let’s break down the meaning behind the song and try to find out what Khalid means by “Better”.

Khalid Better

The singer begins his plea by suggesting that his significant other makes him feel drunk in love even when he’s completely sober. From what we can tell, in Verse 1 Khalid doesn’t mind that his loved one is out of his league, and he’s actually happy to stand in the shadows as long as he gets to maintain the relationship. In fact, he’s happy with keeping their encounters private as long as they get to see each other.

In theory that should be extremely simple to do since Khalid and his significant other live close to each other. The singer suggests that he is happy to wait for the attention he deserves because nothing feels better than that. Despite diving in this new affair, Khalid is sometimes forced to face the truth. His partner doesn’t want to officialize the relationship despite the fact that it feels right when the two of them are together.

However, the singer wants to know if his significant other feels the same about him and if there’s any chance for them to be official. Even so, he dives right in head first and opens up about his feelings even if this might mean the end of their love affair. But before opening up 100%, Khalid invites the girl to his place to engage in what they talked about for weeks when they weren’t able to see each other.

In the end of the song, the singer describes his passionate moments with his loved one while leaving the impression that even if they’re never going to be together officially, the present is all that matters to him. Most likely, he wants us to understand that nothing lasts forever, so we should enjoy our loved ones how and when we can because one day they might just turn into a bittersweet memory.

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