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Composed lyrical analyses of popular Hip Hop and Rap songs.

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What does Big Sean, Drake and Kanye West View as “Blessings”?
by Apr 21, 2015

“Blessings” is Big Sean’s most recent single and features verses from Drake and Kanye West. Considering the song features three of the biggest Stars in popular rap right now, the track is appropriately titled. Lyrically, the song humbly focuses on the blessings the three artists have found in their careers and the... Read More

Dying for Hozier: A Look at “Take Me to Church”
by Mar 24, 2015

Hozier’s dark, dreamy, and sexually sacrilegious “Take Me to Church” explores the idea of sexuality as a religious experience, his lover as a Goddess, and erotic ecstasy as death. The narrator of the song worships his lover as a Goddess or Supreme Being but makes a clear effort to contrast... Read More