Blessings” is Big Sean’s most recent single and features verses from Drake and Kanye West. Considering the song features three of the biggest Stars in popular rap right now, the track is appropriately titled.

Big Sean and Drake looking way up because they feel blessed
Big Sean and Drake looking way up because they feel blessed

Lyrically, the song humbly focuses on the blessings the three artists have found in their careers and the hard work that they have put into them-well, that’s what Big Sean and Drake’s verses are about anyway.

Kanye’s is less humble; though, when you melt down and re-forge the national conception of pop music, you have earned the right to be a little gauche now and again (or always).

Big Sean

Sean’s verse reflects on many aspects of his career, employing the metaphor of the blessing all the while. He treats the beat like it’s a reverend, confiding in it and using it to broadcast his confessions.

In a way, this makes him, as he mentions in the final line of his verse, a prophet. He even alludes to Heaven when he mentions that the p*$$y the tightest / the drinks the coldest, which I think might be a direct allusion to the Book of Revelations but I am not sure so don’t quote me on that.


Drake’s verse highlights similar things, such as making money and living the the finest lifestyle, though he seems to be less interested in fame (I could give two f***s ‘bout where the Grammys go and I think I’m famous enough, I don’t need any more press) and more interested in getting paid. I don’t mean to sound crass! He does good things with the money, like soothing his mother’s worried heart and donate to children.

Kanye West

Kanye…*sigh* oh, gentle, magical Kanye. Perhaps most importantly, Kanye’s verse has the SECOND allusion to sending pictures of his p**** to the nameless faceless people of his career, which I think is a huge step (Tryna see titties, tryna show d*ck).

To be honest, there isn’t much more going on in this verse other than a brief breakdown of when and where he is calling from (it’s his home gym), and his interest in building a Montessori school for his daughter, North. Not sure this is wordplay or irony, I think he just wants a progressive and independent education for his daughter, that’s all.

A quick recap of Kanye’s verse:

  • sends pictures of his p**** to women,
  • has a home gym (including a pool)
  • wants to build a school in which to alternatively educate his daughter.

I’m way up, I feel blessed is right! That’s so enviable.