On November 6, Coldplay released their single “Adventure Of A Lifetime” that is to announce their upcoming, seventh studio album, titled “A Head Full of Dreams”. According to BBC, Chris Martin described this album as “a more colorful, more joyful sort of thing.” Before we dig deeper into the meaning of the track, listen to the song:

The Facts

After being active for more than twenty years, there is a reasonable pressure on the boys to always make something new, good, and interesting. Which is quite a pressure, to be honest, no matter how great the band is. “Adventure of a Lifetime”, we must say, lived up to the expectations.

The album was recorded in Malibu, LA, and London and produced by the Norwegian duo Stargate, together with Rik Simpson, and will surely be a great success. It is said to be “bursting with energy, color and big, life-affirming moments”, just like the little preview we got. While on the subject, did you see the short teaser of the video the band released?

“Adventure Of A Lifetime” received much critical acclaim as critics praised the fact that the band chose to turn to the sound of disco for their inspiration, which is definitely something new, something they’ve never done before.

What is “Adventure Of A Lifetime” All About?

When hearing any Coldplay song, one can never forget that they are quite politically active and have always refused to earn ridiculous amounts of money from product endorsement. In this sense, the very positive tone of the “Adventure of a Lifetime” comes at a moment when the world really needs a pick-me-up. The lyrics are all about reminding us that we must never stop dreaming or believing in magic.

Everything you want’s a dream away
We are legends, every day

And not just any magic. We always need to believe in the magic of love. In other words, “Adventure of a Lifetime” is a track that sings of new love and uses it as a metaphor for the life energy we must never lose. Coldplay is true believers in love for love, it would seem, as they choose to tell us – via an amazingly happy and dance-inspired track – that life is an adventure.

…and if we’ve only got this life
in this adventure oh then I
want to share it with you

Live it to the fullest, love the people around you and enjoy yourself. But never forget to find someone to keep you company, because that is what truly matters. No matter what your life is, find yourself a partner to share it with and never be ashamed of who you love: