Doja Cat The Weeknd You Right
Doja Cat The Weeknd You Right

Doja Cat dropped her highly-anticipated new album Planet Her on June 25th and the world is going absolutely crazy about it.  The album features high collaborations with stars such as Ariana Grande, Young Thug, SZA, and more. Her most recent single, You Right, features our favorite RnB star The Weeknd, and it caught everyone’s attention. 

Back in 2020, American rapper Doja Cat became a worldwide sensation almost overnight when her single Say So became viral on TikTok. Since then, her music has been highly anticipated and everything she made became an instant hit. Her two previous albums saw the rapper as a rising star, so it comes as no surprise that, after 3 Grammy nominations and topping Hot 100 for so long, her third studio album feels different and features some of the biggest names in the music industry.

One of such collaborations is the one with The Weeknd, with whom the rapper made a steamy single called You Right, which is currently crushing the top lists. This is not their first collaboration, and the singer doesn’t hide his fascination with the rapper after they first joined forces for the remix of his hit single, In Your Eyes. Doja is a star, and has created a unique universe you just want to lose yourself in, the singer told Billboard back in April. If you’d like to learn more about their latest track, we’re here to tell you everything you need to know.

Doja Cat You Right
Doja Cat You Right

Doja’s Wandering Eye

Right from the beginning, Doja is pretty straightforward about her situation and what this song is all about. In You Right, Doja shows her worries about dating someone and not being able to control the feeling of being attracted to somebody else, or in this case her fellow star – The Weeknd. I got a man, but I want you, the rapper says repeatedly as if she’s fighting her own thoughts about the singer.

Don’t believe in fairytales
But we got our fantasies
And it’s me and you, no she

The rapper makes it clear that there’s nothing but physical attraction she’s feeling towards The Weeknd, but she still can’t stop herself from imagining the two of them together. She admits that both of them don’t fall for fantasies, but they still let themselves imagine. She’s aware none of them can become their reality, but that still can’t stop her from wanting it.

The Weeknd You Right
The Weeknd You Right

The Weeknd’s Point of View

Girl, I want you like you want me too
I feel that energy

Doja Cat ft. The Weeknd – You Right Lyrics

In the second verse, The Weeknd shares with us his side of the story. He’s not hiding the fact that he feels the same way towards Doja and that he wants her the same way she wants him. However, that is not enough for them to turn their fantasies into something more.

I know your man, he ain’t controllin’ you
But you still hesitate (Oh)
‘Cause you choose loyalty

Doja Cat ft. The Weeknd – You Right Lyrics

He knows that Doja will always ‘choose loyalty’, no matter the attraction and sparks between them. Her boyfriend isn’t the type to try and control her, and her loyalty is the only thing stopping her from cheating on her boyfriend with the guy she’s fantasizing about.

And I know your history (Hey)
Met him before your peak (Hey)
He’s so connected to that woman that you used to be

Doja Cat ft. The Weeknd – You Right Lyrics

With these lyrics, The Weeknd claims the rapper met her boyfriend before she became famous. They’ve been together for a long time now, and he was by her side even when she wasn’t one of the biggest names in the music industry. The singer, however, hints that she outgrew her current boyfriend. With the lyrics He’s so connected to that woman that you used to be, The Weeknd suggests that her boyfriend is in love with the woman she used to be, not allowing her to fully grow into the person she’s becoming now and stopping her from reaching her full potential. Even though they might have been in the same league once, she far surpassed him now.

The Song’s Title and the Music Video

The song’s title, although pretty simple, might be a bit confusing to some. The title in full reads ‘you’re right’, which might indicate Doja Cat’s approval of what The Weeknd is arguing. Her being attracted to the singer is not enough for her to end her long and loving relationship. Her feelings toward The Weeknd come from pure addiction and attraction and, no matter how strong, they are not worth losing her current boyfriend who’s been with her through thick and thin.

In the music video, directed by Quentin Deronzier and released on the same day as her latest album, Doja Cat welcomes us into an imaginary universe together with her co-star, The Weeknd. They are shown together in a kingdom in the clouds, as they sing their steamy duet about the fantasies revolving around the two of them. The rapper is pacing through a dreamy, out-of-this-world palace that is filled with symbols revolving around the sign of Libra, which is the singer’s zodiac sign, further proving that this song is in fact about him.

In one of the interviews, Doja stated that she previously planned The Weeknd on a different track, before he fell in love with this one. We played him one song, and we thought it was the perfect song but it ended up not working. Then he heard this other song but it had already been finished with two verses, but he was obsessed with it. , she said, and we are so glad it turned out to be this one. 

As Doja says it herself, the whole album revolves around a galaxy-like, cosmic aesthetic. I wanted to kind of go outside of what I understood, like [of] what I knew as pop aesthetic, or rap aesthetic, Doja shared with MTV News when talking about her latest album. “I wanted to quite literally travel outside of the planet”, she said, and it proved to be quite literal in her latest music video.

The Meaning Behind Doja Cat, The Weeknd – You Right Music Video

If all this breakdown leaves you wanting more, then check out this interesting interpretation of the music video by Eric Greene on the SymbolVision YouTube channel.