The pop-country has a bit of a negative stigma attached to it when it comes to its lyrics. While many songs describe the blue-collar life and small towns to a T, some songs promote negative feelings and emotions such as excessive drinking, jingoism, and one of the biggest offenders of them all, cheating. On the other hand, Andy Grammer’s single “Honey, I’m Good” does the opposite of that which may be the key to its success. The song describes a man who is staying faithful to his wife, even when in the face of temptation. Being a pop-country song, the lyrics are not too difficult to figure out.

Honey, I'm Good
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A Lesson in the Music

The song seems to take place in a bar, from the point of view of a husband who is there to unwind, but not to get some. He seems to be talking to a woman he met at the bar who wants to start a relationship with him, but as the song’s title explains, he tells the woman I’m good meaning he doesn’t want to cheat with her.

He acknowledges that she’s pleasing to the eye, saying her long legs are damn near everywhere and that she looks good, I will not lie, but he is in love with his wife and doesn’t think it’s ethical to have a woman on the side.

Grammer does address that many men have fallen into temptation some better men than me. Having a drink too many at the bar, or drinking from that unholy grail, tends to be the motivator. Alcohol can slow judgment, increase impulse, and make someone more sexual, but Grammer manages to have enough to unwind after a long day, but not enough to cheat on his wife.

Which is why this is a nice song lyrically. We need more music that promotes staying faithful to one person instead of bragging about how many women a person has slept with. Quality over quantity.