The Weeknd

What Does The Weeknd Want You to Tell Your Friends About?
by Sep 14, 2015

The Weeknd is finishing off with an accomplished summer of numerous hit singles, including The Hills and Can’t Feel My Face, which has charted at no. 5 and no. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, respectively. First heard in Las Vegas. The music video was released on the 24th of August,... Read More

Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face” Hidden Meaning Uncovered
by Aug 19, 2015

Due to arrive in the Shelves August 28, 2015, in an album Beauty Behind Madness, The Weeknd gives us the taste of this Michael Jackson channeled song “Can’t Feel My Face” under XO/Republic Records which was released in iTunes last month. There is no doubt that this talented R&B crooner... Read More

An Insight into the Meaning of The Weeknd’s “The Hills” Song
by Jun 18, 2015

After a highly anticipated release of The Weeknd’s new single, The Hills is finally out May 27, it’s a Mood Music with a Sexy beat that’s more intriguing with a Car Crash video and Along with Omnimus music video, The Hills is said to be the lead track to the... Read More