After a highly anticipated release of The Weeknd’s new single, The Hills is finally out May 27, it’s a Mood Music with a Sexy beat that’s more intriguing with a Car Crash video and Along with Omnimus music video, The Hills is said to be the lead track to the latter’s forthcoming album. That grossed 5.2 million domestic streams in the week ending May 31 and sold 109,000 downloads According to Nielsen Music.

While most of us still have this hangover of this talented Singers music, Abel Tesfaye’s (The Weeknd) The Hills seemed to mirror the Canadian PBR&B’s drug Addiction and Romance, being rumored as a third party to Ariana Grande’s relationship with Big Sean which flaunts in the verses of the song.

While Big Sean was on the road promoting his Dark Sky Paradise album, the two were rumored sneaking up with a secret affair, making it low as the girl in the song preferred, now, whoever this girl is, she has issues with giving directions.

Why half-past five?

Abel is famous for the avid drug use that he is most often under its influence than not, So when He said Half-past five he was denoting the known line from Alan Jackson‘s Popular song “It’s five O’clock somewhere” that means getting drunk or high no matter what time of the day, which also comes to a fact that he keeps calling The Girl very often.

The first verse of the song is basically Abels’ girl who wanted their relationship kept a secret,

I only call you when it’s half past five, the only time that I’ll be by your side,
I only love It when you touch me, not feel me, when I’m f***** up that’s real me,
When I’m f***** up that’s real me, yeah

It is so bold that only when he is high he is sincere. Abel hates commitment. Any emotional baggage is a waste of time knowing he only recognizes his partner when he is literally having sex with them.

The second verse describes how pressed he is to go to rehab. His addiction has been a daily bread that it’s starting to become boredom, though he wants to live his life the way he wants, he believed that some people want to see him fall or relapse back to his old ways.

The Weeknd - The Hills
The Weeknd – The Hills

What I like in this song is the Bridge, because this is where he finally expressed how he felt living in Hollywood “The Hills,” yes! To those who think that it’s about the movie The Hills have eyes, Abel was pointing out how people observe every move he makes in Beverly Hills, all other famous people living there.

Finally, the Amharic Outro in the song, which was in the background of the recorded version sang by a woman, is “Ewedihalehu,” or I love you, “Yene” and “Konjo” are two separate words which mean My Beautiful and “Fikir” which means Love.