Harry Styles Treat People With Kindness
Harry Styles Treat People With Kindness via YouTube

Harry Styles just keeps on giving! It’s only been two months since the singer released the music video for his last single Golden when he decided to surprise the world with another single from his last studio album Fine Line. With Styles’ new music video that simply rockets our serotonin levels and a beautiful message behind the song, we couldn’t imagine a better start of the year.

Without any promotion or hints about the new music video, Harry Styles and his team decided to start 2021 with a bang. Although there were some speculations after a sneak peek of the video got leaked, no one was sure when the video was actually dropping. On the 1st of January, only two hours before the release of the Treat People with Kindness music video, HSHQ posted on Instagram: ‘TREAT PEOPLE WITH KINDNESS. TWO HOURS.’, and just like that, the fans all around the world were on the edge of their seats waiting for the premiere. 

In the black-and-white vintage music video, Harry Styles dances alongside Fleabag star and Emmy award-winning actress, Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Wearing matching outfits, the duo dances their hearts out in a vintage nightclub after Styles invites Bridge to dance with him. The whole aesthetic of the music video gives off a vibe of classic Hollywood dance movies, going hand in hand with the unique sound and style of the song.

As for the name of the song, Treat People with Kindness (TPWK) was the slogan of the singer’s 2017 self-titled debut world tour. TPWK slowly became a symbol of all that singer stands for, and it is most likely the thing that Styles will be most remembered by. All the profits from TPWK merchandise and a portion of the tour’s ticket sales were donated to various local charities from Styles’ tour stops around the world. With this, Harry Styles raised over $1.2 million in donations to over 60 charities worldwide.

The Meaning Behind Treat People with Kindness

The slogan of Styles’ first world tour has clearly been an inspiration behind this upbeat and cheerful song. After such a hard year for all of us, there’s hardly a better way to start the new year and a more beautiful plea than asking people to treat each other with kindness. Harry Styles is a big fighter for equality and his message has always been clear – give love and always, always choose love.

Harry Styles, who was first seen with a TPWK sticker on his guitar strap, said the slogan turned into some sort of a ‘mantra’ for him. Although he was unsure whether people will like the song or not at first, he realized that his fans appreciate his authenticity and that his style inspires them to be their authentic selves. The singer himself claims that there is a universal meaning behind the song. He says: It’s about being a lot nicer to each other rather than, ‘Don’t do this, or don’t do that, not this yes that.’ It’s just saying, ‘Treat people with kindness,’ you know.

Fans as The Main Inspiration Behind TPWK

Styles says the idea for the song originates from his first world tour, which makes it even more special to him. Treat People with Kindness is his way of paying tribute to his fans and thanking them for making it possible for him to be himself, as well as giving him the freedom to create music that is not your typical pop jam. He said: fans want me to make the music that I want to make and play the show that I’d like to play. People just want me to be myself and be authentic with them.

Maybe we can
Find a place to feel good
And we can treat people with kindness
Find a place to feel good

Harry Styles – Treat People With Kindness Lyrics

For him and for many fans, his shows are the place where they can be themselves completely. Styles makes sure that his concerts are a safe place for everyone and that it is a place where people can be themselves, feel good, and treat each other with love. At one of his shows, the singer said: If you’re a black, if you’re white, if you’re gay, if you’re straight, if you’re transgender, whoever you are, whoever you want to be, I support you, and I love every single one of you’.


Embracing Individuality and Loving Yourself

Styles can take pride in leaving such a beautiful mark in the industry so deeply rooted in controversy, drama, and shallowness. What our world needs the most is love, respect, and kindness, and Styles gives his best to makes us realize that. To love others means loving ourselves first, and the singer makes sure that his fans know how important self-love and freedom really are.

Giving second chances
I don’t need all the answers
Feeling good in my skin
I just keep on dancin’

Harry Styles – Treat People With Kindness Lyrics

People should not be bothered by passing drama and holding unnecessary grudges. Letting go and not dwelling on the past is what will help us all come together and spread love. As shown in the music video for TPWK, where Styles dances his worries away, he is beaming with confidence and feeling good in his own skin, setting a wonderful example for his fans. Every day is a new day for us to spread happiness, positivity, and love, and Styles never misses a chance to do so.

Everything he does, from the clothes he wears to the way he treats people, teaches us that kindness and love come from ourselves first. What we give to the world is what the world will give back to us, and love, kindness, and freedom to be ourselves is what will make us all come together. As Harry Styles said it himself at one of his shows: Be a lover. Give love. Choose love. Love everyone, always. and this beautiful message is exactly what he conveys through Treat People with Kindness.