I'll Show You Justin Bieber
I’ll Show You Justin Bieber

There’s no argument that Justin Bieber is one of the most known, referenced, scrutinized, and entertaining performers for the Millennial generation. His 2015 hit song, I’ll Show You, is a nod to the pros and cons of the artist’s life in the public eye.

Showing Up and Showing Out

I’ll Show You is the type of song expected to come from Bieber at this stage in his career. Now a young adult, the lyric, let’s get to the good part and past all the nonsense, reflect that he’s ready to live his life beyond everything that people attributed to him in the past.

Beiber’s lyrics make reference to the many growing pains people go through. When he sings, Got to see what it feels like, no matter what they say, it recalls the reports of his widely reported drug use and his relatively numb response to the reports. Beiber also acknowledges the many media discussions regarding his faith with the lyrics, Sometimes it’s hard to do the right thing.

The chorus echoes a dueling statement, with Bieber’s sentiment that he’ll show his audience they don’t know him and he’ll show his audience that he’s more human they make him out to be.

Music Video for “I’ll Show You”

Justin Bieber “I’ll Show You” Video ‘Shows Us’ He Still Has Insane Pop-Star Influence

Justin Bieber’s “I’ll Show You” video is mostly considered an autobiographical song practically about dealing with the downsides of fame and the need for human connection. Did you know that the video was shot in South Iceland? Most people wouldn’t know that unless; of course, you are a huge Bieber fan.

Either way, you would be amazed to know that a particular clip of the “I’ll Show You” video was shot in a part of South Iceland, which tourists had previously overlooked until it appeared in the music video.

Within the subsequent three years of the video being released, the foot traffic in the area which the video displayed increased by about 50 to 80 percent. Unsurprisingly, most of the tourists who had begun to visit the site were Bieber fans. The resulting increase in tourist traffic forced the Environmental Agency of Iceland to close the location to the public between March and June 2019 in order to give paths and vegetation in the Canyon a chance to recover.

It seems like Justin’s influence inadvertently resulted in more tourist income for Iceland and an environmental threat to its vegetation at the same time. How’s that for star power!