Released from his sixth studio album Listen November 21st last year comes a remix of “Bang my Head” (on his new album Listen Again) scheduled to be re-released November 27 with a more futuristic vibe that features the vocals of Sia and Fetty Wap.

After rumors about David Guetta losing half of his $30m Estate to a divorce with Cathy, wife of 22 years.  It looks like the woman beside David in the music video on YouTube represents his courage and Self Trust, that he thought he lost in the process of divorce until he took the courage to finally go on.

He said in an interview with, June 4 last year, that it was a hard time for him concentrating on his music while going through a divorce. He added,

“A lot of the album is really emotional compared to my past work, I spent a lot more time on the lyrics. What’s interesting is, half of the album is very much influenced by what happened in my private life, and the rest is me coming back to my fundamentals.” Those fundamentals, built on the bedrock of songs about “people having a good time and happiness”

Banging Your Head to Find the Meaning? Here it is…

The first verse of the song, exclaims how he almost gave up, lost the passion for what he was doing, he waited for something good to happen. While it’s daunting to leave what’s safe, it’s even petrifying to consider a life unfulfilled.

David Guetta - Bang My Head feat Sia & Fetty Wap
David Guetta in “Bang My Head” Music Video via YouTube

The Pre-chorus explains how he found the courage to take the leap of faith, realizing that his passion might be losing its fire but his drive and courage to continue what he started is bursting his flame back to victory.

David G Tells us What to do When Things get Hard

The 2nd verse and the bridge of this song lies a message to trust in our own strength and ability to handle whatever changes that leap of faith might bring, it can be terrifying but it will be worth it. Taking charge of your life is what makes you soar high, don’t let circumstances control your actions.

When you think you’re giving up
Just know, you might think you’re dying but you won’t
And you feel the love stepping out of you
But when you think of giving up, don’t

Life is a gamble, no matter what you do, you always risk something for the choices you make. I keep trying, keep trying and No, I won’t give up is a strong message of overcoming life’s difficulties in this song.

Fetty Wap Contributes to the Story

Finally, Fetty Wap’s verse in the song; is as heartfelt as Sia’s Vocal belting in this song.

The lyrics tell us his efforts to get to where is now yet sometimes wonders if the fame is all worth the sacrifice which he copes up, he compares his life before as a struggle that shuddered him, to where he is now. Pretending to live life like it’s a perfect life, he ignores the negative things around him and focuses on his kids. When he sees his children smiling it makes him grateful to live, choosing not to give up now, that he is finally where he wants to be.

Fun Fact

Did you know that David Guetta’s pre-show ritual is a moment of silence so that when he gets on stage he is completely hyper?