I Wonder What Its Like To Be Loved By You
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Who is Shawn Mendes addressing in his new song “Wonder“? Is this song about his love life, or is there a deeper meaning hidden in it? Looking for the answers to these questions? Well, you’re in the right place! We are going to uncover the meaning of the song “Wonder” by Shawn Mendes.

Shawn Mendes – Wonder Music Video

At age 22, Shawn Mendes has become one of the biggest pop stars in the world. Mendes has been releasing some great and powerful songs in the last years. Still, for the first time, he has released a very personal song called “Wonder” that has a profound connection to who he really is. This article will break down the message Shawn has left in his new song “Wonder.”

The Messages Hidden in the Song Lyrics

The speculations that the song “Wonder” is about Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello’s romantic relationship are true to some extent, but there are much deeper hidden meaning. The song also talks about how difficult it is to be a celebrity in today’s world.

Shawn Mendes has been in the limelight from a very young age. In the song, he reflects on his face’s challenges due to his fame and stardom. He also mentions some of the gender stereotypes that men have to face, due to which they are unable to express their emotions freely.

The Price Celebrities Pay

Shawn Mendes talked about some of the main challenges that come with being a celebrity. His song shows that the celebrity’s life is not all fun glam as it appears to the outside world. There is a high price that celebs have to pay every single day. 

The Dark Side of Fame

From the very beginning of the song, it is clear that it is not just another typical love song. The singer starts with the verse:

I wonder if I’m being real,
Do I speak the truth or do I filter how I feel”

Shawn Mendes – Wonger Lyrics

This is one of the more important messages that Shawn is giving in his song. He talks about how difficult it is to show your real ideas and thoughts as a celebrity. They are often asked to filter out their opinions to appease the masses.

Shawn has openly expressed in interviews how one of his biggest fears is that one wrong move and his fame and career would be taken away from him. In his interview with Seventeen Magazine, Mendes said openly said that he was afraid that this (fame) could go away tomorrow.

This fear of his is reflected later in the song lyrics as well, in which he says:

I wonder why I am so afraid
Of saying something wrong and never said I was a Saint

Shawn Mendes – Wonger Lyrics

This is a very rare glimpse of his raw emotions that Shawn is letting the world see.

Difficulty in Maintaining Friendships as a Star

Another challenge that Shawn addresses that accompanies stardom is maintaining friendships. Celebrities are known to be on the go at all times and often find it challenging to make time for their friends and family. He expresses this fear in his song as well by saying:

I wonder what it’s like to be my friend
Hope that they don’t think I forget about them

Shawn Mendes – Wonger Lyrics

Mendes has talked about his friends and how much he misses them. In an interview with The Sun, Mendes said that he was upset that he couldn’t be there when all of his friends went to university. He said that he wished that he could stop time and go there (home) for a year.

Mende’s Relationship With Camila Cabello

It is no secret that Shawn Mendes is dating the “Havana” singer Camila Cabello. Their relationship started in July 2019 but wasn’t officially announced publically until October of the same year. Although both the singers are usually very private about their lives, recently, Shawn Mendes has opened up about his emotions and feelings regarding their relationship.

In an interview with SiriusXM Hits 1, Mendes talked about what it is like to be in a relationship with a talented, well-established artist like Camila. He also said that it is “scary” to write songs about her. This uncertainty in his emotions is also seen in his song lyrics.

“Right before I close my eyes
The only thing that’s on my mind
Been dreaming that you feel it, too
I wonder what it’s like to be loved by you”

Shawn Mendes – Wonger Lyrics

These lyrics are about Shawn’s uncertain emotions and thoughts that accompany his relationship with the singer. Shawn also admitted in an interview with Radio.com that his complex and uncertain emotions were hurting their relationship. The song’s whole chorus and bridge are about these complicated feelings of uncertainty that he has felt in his relationship with Camila Cabello.

Gender Stereotyping Culture

This issue that was addressed is not just subjected to Shawn Mendes’ personal life, but rather, it is an issue that is present in society overall. Gender stereotyping is something that both men and women have to face in many different shapes and forms. The stereotype that Shawn is addressing is in the following lyrics:

“I wonder when I cry into my hands
I’m conditioned to feel like it makes me less of a man”

Shawn Mendes – Wonger Lyrics

This is a common stereotype that men don’t cry. Shawn Mendes is not ashamed to say that he has feelings and does cry. But he does point out the harsh reality that this act is not accepted openly by the world, and it is often considered a sign of weakness.

Shawn Mendes used his song as a platform to raise awareness about mental health. He has been a victim of anxiety and other mental health problems. He has openly talked about it on multiple platforms.

Shawn Mendes Celebs Speak Out Men Mental Health
Shawn Mendes Celebs Speak Out Men Mental Health via Healthline

While Shawn did speak about his love life, he primarily focused on the problems in his life as someone in the spotlight. Shawn also tried addressing some of the issues present in our society as a whole.

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