The Nick Jonas pop number “Chains” has a pretty obvious meaning even by title implication alone. The song is a departure from his prior stuff, with a more R&B and soul flair to it in both voice and beat production.

Nick Jonas Chains via YouTube
Nick Jonas Chains via YouTube

The Story Behind Chains

When asked about the song, Nick Jonas had this to say:

It’s a song that embodies the feeling of being trapped in a love that is hopeless.

The story behind Chains is basically that feeling that all people can relate to, it’s being trapped. For me specifically in this song, I connected to love and trust and for some people they have said it’s broader for them, it’s more than love, it can be about anything that entangles you in your life and doesn’t let you do what you need to do to feel free. I think this is a good fit and I fell in love with the song and I really feel like it has become a staple for the album.

Considering these words from the man who penned the lyrics, it is obvious the lyrical content is about that of love – but for listeners, it can transcend that base artistic expression and take on a more personal meeting. Perhaps for people that battle addiction, for example, they could see the “Chains” be the figurative metaphor used to describe addiction.

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