Released at the beginning of 2015, FourFiveSeconds is a collaboration between the world-known singer Rihanna, controversial rapper Kanye West and legendary singer-songwriter Paul McCartney. With its launch date set in January, the song was a fresh and unexpected track that I personally hope will dictate this year’s trend of mainstream releases.

Minimal and positive, yet dealing with personal issues and struggles, FourFiveSeconds unites and brings together the past and present of modern pop music; One can instantly feel The Beatles’ vintage influences and way of  composing music, while the lyrics that are sung by the best selling and most popular pop artists of the day, bring the song to a whole different level.

Secondly, not only does the song lack the huge hip hop beats that Rihanna or Kanye have delivered over the years, it does the exact opposite – their physical voices become a central point of reference while Paul’s smooth guitar line and bass groove accompany and puts out the best out of everyone. This song is like a sincere and honest confession, an intimate moment where one can stare into the life and soul of these people who for once decided to show us their human side.

Simply Beautiful

No flashes, no Hollywood, just their voices, their thoughts, stories, and a guitar. But it is also about true musicianship, and a proof that music is and always will be a bridge between generations and an ultimate element of unity.

Although melancholic and contrasting, the lyrics have a good vibe around them, and the song is really about hope and a general feeling of feeling good no matter what. Hope this song will inspire other artists to show us their real, human side, beyond the flashes and gossips.