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Lorde and Her Familiar Rap Clichés in Royals
by Mar 28, 2015

Is Lorde a rapper? It depends on who you ask. In the song “Royals,” she definitely makes use of a familiar rap cliché. She’s never seen a diamond in the flesh. She’s from a torn-up town, no postcard envy. This is a cliffhanger, implying some kind of but. But what? Surely, now she proclaims... Read More

Maroon 5 Sugar: Another Tasty Song Meaning
by Mar 25, 2015

Sugar, like many other songs by Maroon 5, is about love, desires, and emotions. It begins with Adam Levine (Lead singer) expressing a strong craving for his lover. It is almost like he is in withdrawal and begins to suffer when he isn’t with her. He needs her close and wants her... Read More

Dying for Hozier: A Look at “Take Me to Church”
by Mar 24, 2015

Hozier’s dark, dreamy, and sexually sacrilegious “Take Me to Church” explores the idea of sexuality as a religious experience, his lover as a Goddess, and erotic ecstasy as death. The narrator of the song worships his lover as a Goddess or Supreme Being but makes a clear effort to contrast... Read More

Frozen “Let It Go” has a Deeper Meaning
by Mar 22, 2015

“Let It Go” became the most famous song in the original soundtrack of the Disney animated film Frozen in 2013, written by husband-and-wife songwriting team Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez. There are so many song interpretations that have surfaced on the Internet. However, can you imagine how the song “Let... Read More

How Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” Sets Itself Apart Other Modern Day Love Songs
by Mar 19, 2015

Released in October of 2014, Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking out loud” was set to be an instant and successful hit (which it did). With its linear but sweet and rich melody that progresses in a pleasant and natural way, this song tells a classical love story, yet being apart from conventions... Read More

Big Sean Disses Ex-Fiancée Naya Rivera With The Help of New Girlfriend Ariana Grande
by Feb 24, 2015

It looks like rapper Big Sean is calling out one of his “evil” exes – with the help of a new girlfriend, Ariana Grande – in his new song “Research.” In the songs, he raps about an ex having “evil” in their eyes and acting like a “cop” by hacking into his... Read More

Like Nicki Minaj’s New Song? The Meaning of “Truffle Butter” Might Shock You
by Jan 31, 2015

If you like Nicki Minaj's new song “Truffle Butter” but don't know what “Truffle Butter” means then you might be in for a shocker. This may be the last time you ever listen to “Truffle Butter” the same.