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On My Mind cover On My Mind by Ellie Goulding

She's kinda caught in the middle, is she in for the sex or for the romance? Let alone that she's using a contemporary catchy phrase about liking his tattoos however, isn't that what's happening in real life also? Don't a girl like someone for his inks and then one thing leads to another and after a period she's his formal girlfriend?

What Do You Mean? cover What Do You Mean? by Justin Bieber

Ah, JB has done it! He is wondering in such a large-Billboard-scale what do girls mean when they tell you one thing and actually mean another? Well done Justin, although 21 years old but you're getting it....

Acquainted cover Acquainted by The Weeknd

I've recently been introduced to the "my friends do not like the X person's new GF" scenario and all kinds of mess such a case can cause. Not that it has much to do with the song, however it gets me thinking, this line here, how much important is friends' approval.

Real Life cover Real Life by The Weeknd

"Real life" does not include holding hands when taking long walks across the river, it includes buying drinks to random girls. "Real life" does not include drinking from the same milkshake for romantic reasons, but for lack of money ones.

The Hills cover The Hills by The Weeknd

He is himself when he is wasted, because I am guessing on all other times/occasions he just has to take up roles, act all kinds of manufactured behaviours.. Has anyone else mention thus far that his hairdo reminds that of Goku's?

In The Night cover In The Night by The Weeknd

Is there anybody around who can testify that a woman has slept with him and left before he even wakes up in the morning? Or even, is there a girl out there who can confess she has done so? Because I firmly believe, it's a TV/Cinema introduced concept...

Miles and Miles cover Miles and Miles by Schiller

"miles and miles" as in "distances everywhere"....

Strong Will Continue cover Strong Will Continue by Nas, Damian Marley

That damn record I strongly believe is one of the few classics that this era (or generation if you prefer) will leave to the next... The lyrics are good for thought, while listening to this chorus it's hard to hold your tears, everyone can find themselves in those words... Only the strong will continue...

No Good (Start the Dance) (radio edit) cover No Good (Start the Dance) (radio edit) by The Prodigy

Electronic music was a really magical thing back then in late 90's in specific areas in the U.K. This track is off the charts, it's one of those milestones that did the setup for something enormous to grow upon.... The lyrics, simpler than a little child's mutter, is about dancing on your own! And what better beat to do so!

Nasty cover Nasty by The Prodigy

I am all about those electronic explosive tracks (and Prodigy should be the first example to come in mind for that matter) that repeat one word or one phrase throughout their entire length, it's like you're watching a football game in the stadium and there's your singalong to support your team while bouncing with your mates!

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