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On My Mind cover On My Mind by Ellie Goulding

She's kinda caught in the middle, is she in for the sex or for the romance? Let alone that she's using a contemporary catchy phrase about liking his tattoos however, isn't that what's happening in real life also? Don't a girl like someone for his inks and then one thing leads to another and after a period she's his formal girlfriend?

What Do You Mean? cover What Do You Mean? by Justin Bieber

Ah, JB has done it! He is wondering in such a large-Billboard-scale what do girls mean when they tell you one thing and actually mean another? Well done Justin, although 21 years old but you're getting it....

Hotline Bling cover Hotline Bling by Drake

For anyone who might be interested, check out Erikah Badhu's remix of the song, same loop and same vocal lines but by an actual singer this time..... I don't know, it seems like this track is going to leave its stamp for quite a few time mostly due to Drake's dance moves!

Sorry cover Sorry by Justin Bieber

I will let go of the first guilt that JB needs to stop putting out one fire single after another, as he is making me feel like a 14-year-old fan girl... No seriously, the production is simply amazing, as to be expected as Skrillex has put his hands on half of Purpose's songs... "Is it too late now to say sorry?" NO, no need for it, just dance to it!

Acquainted cover Acquainted by The Weeknd

I've recently been introduced to the "my friends do not like the X person's new GF" scenario and all kinds of mess such a case can cause. Not that it has much to do with the song, however it gets me thinking, this line here, how much important is friends' approval.

Real Life cover Real Life by The Weeknd

"Real life" does not include holding hands when taking long walks across the river, it includes buying drinks to random girls. "Real life" does not include drinking from the same milkshake for romantic reasons, but for lack of money ones.

The Hills cover The Hills by The Weeknd

He is himself when he is wasted, because I am guessing on all other times/occasions he just has to take up roles, act all kinds of manufactured behaviours.. Has anyone else mention thus far that his hairdo reminds that of Goku's?

In The Night cover In The Night by The Weeknd

Is there anybody around who can testify that a woman has slept with him and left before he even wakes up in the morning? Or even, is there a girl out there who can confess she has done so? Because I firmly believe, it's a TV/Cinema introduced concept...

Unfortunately, things like this are not uncommon. 99% of prostitutes/strippers have a history of some type of abuse (usually sexual). Because of this, they lose their self worth and it's easy for others (like pimps) to prey on their vulnerability. If anything, the cinema downplays the scope of prostitution/stripping by making it seem like the only girls that do that are whores that just like attention which can't be farther from the truth.

Yes, there are women like this song describes, my sister being one of them. She was removed from my mothers home during a custody dispute because of allegations of abuse. In a broken system, unfortunately it worked to some extent. Though her fathers family did not gain custody, my mom did lose custody. She was shuffled through 5 foster homes in 3 years before she was finally adopted at 5. In two of those foster homes she was raped and molested repeatedly. Needless to say these experiences made her incapable of love, she could only use people the way she was used. She started stripping at 18 and was selling her body by 20. She never stuck around for "the morning". She abandoned her fiancé and her two sons when the youngest was only 6 months old to go back to stripping and prostituting. Two more babies were born to her by men she didn't even know. She moved with the two children she had to New Orleans so she could make more money being a prostitute. One month later her body was found in an abandoned building with her throat cut. It was her 28th birthday. Her name was Erin Ball and the case is still unsolved. So no, women like the one described are not a concoction of Hollywood.

Strong Will Continue cover Strong Will Continue by Nas, Damian Marley

That damn record I strongly believe is one of the few classics that this era (or generation if you prefer) will leave to the next... The lyrics are good for thought, while listening to this chorus it's hard to hold your tears, everyone can find themselves in those words... Only the strong will continue...

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