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Family Portrait cover Family Portrait by P!nk

another great song! this one talks on a very personal level about the feelings that a kid has when a divorce goes through. The point of view is a poignant one. There are two people that you love fighting, simply not getting along ever and you never know what to expect to happen. Also, the faith in love fades. It's a shitty position to be in, but Pink does a good job describing it.

Just Like a Pill cover Just Like a Pill by P!nk

I always loved this song! I think it represents very well what it's like when a person is exactly like an adiction. It's someone that can treat you in whatever way and you just continue responding to that person like you "love" them but that's not really love. It's not healthy or good, it's just... that, addictive.

Hurt (video) cover Hurt (video) by Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash's most emotional song, I think. He wrote it for June Carter, who died before the record was released. He loved her so much. He was once asked what his description of paradise would be and he answered that it was that morning having coffee with her. That's all it took. The wonderful thing about this song is that it's not some platonic love description, but it's him saying he's got a lot of baggage and a lot of mistakes that he can't take back, but he would, all of it, if it just would bring her back.

Dog Days Are Over cover Dog Days Are Over by Florence + the Machine

Some shitty past was the one that she had, maybe one related to alcohol or abuse or something and now all of that is over because she woke up and she realized she could "run it off" or in other words, she could be happy again if she got to leave behind all of that and with that, her dog days.

Swimming cover Swimming by Florence + the Machine

Swimming is a metaphor. She sank in the drinking and then when she came out of the vice, she was able to "swim" in the sense that she could move freely and feel lighter, and somehow begin to her again once again.

Between Two Lungs cover Between Two Lungs by Florence + the Machine

great song about the life of a breath. How much it can cost to keep it and to appreciate it once it doesn't need to be wasted or used profusely.

Kiss With A Fist cover Kiss With A Fist by Florence + the Machine

A pretty disastrous love where they kick, punch and at the same time kiss one another. It's that kind of passionate love where violence sometimes and only sometimes is as much passionate as the rest of the love and it's how some people express.

Howl cover Howl by Florence + the Machine

A good version to the wolfman. During the day, everyone is very much polite and nice and during the night, they trasform and thirst for blood.

Are You Hurting the One You Love? cover Are You Hurting the One You Love? by Florence + the Machine

We are not perfect people and we hurt the people that we love often. This song gets the little details in which our every day life we make the mistakes to hurt them.

Never Let Me Go cover Never Let Me Go by Florence + the Machine

I always thought of this song as pretty accurate for Never Let Me Go the movie, actually. The whole conflict that the three characters face, knowing that their lives are not long and they are designed especifically for one mean. The love that changes between them and the request I think the three of them have for one another is to never let go of each other.

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