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Lyla cover Lyla by Oasis

"Lyla" could be a girl, as much as it could be an object or rather substance (which might not fall into place, as I reckon that that time Oasis were sober... well as much sober as Oasis can be...) so Ι think I'll stick with the "girl" scenario.

Mucky Fingers cover Mucky Fingers by Oasis

"Don't believe the truth" was recorded in L.A. however it's known that Oasis was based in Manchester ... I'm itching to know which that city is. Manchester is not a terribly big place. Anyway Oasis' lyrics are usually allegorical so it could easily be any city....

Red Hot cover Red Hot by Mötley Crüe

You don't need a mortgage, no wife and kids, no stuffing your stomach with junk food, slowly rotting in front of the TV all your nights you've got ahead of you. No. You need a bottle, high speed and a couple of risky pals besides you.

Helter Skelter cover Helter Skelter by Mötley Crüe

It's hair metal folks! Of course there would be interpretation of sexual acts around! Using the most kind of wording, they describe a (what I would call their) typical night with a girl. Way before Nicki Minaj support her whole career on such themes!

Danger cover Danger by Mötley Crüe

I have never been in Hollywood but hell, I am pretty sure the same rules apply as much as most of all major capitals.... There is the bling, the rich and the luxury and there are also the cats, the streetwise people, the boys whose playground are the streets... And you're in danger when they're around...

Disconnected cover Disconnected by Keane

Tired theme for exploration in music, but I believe its tiresomeness come from the fact that the very fact itself is tiresome.... It's very tiresome to watch someone transforming into a stranger, let alone watching your old friends utterly becoming puppets; puppets of the purpose, puppets of the means.

Black Rain cover Black Rain by Keane

So that song introduce us the concept of the volume of love you are receiving, and whether that meets your needs. I would like to expand that, taking into consideration the very kind of love, alongside its volume. Love can be seized in shots, as well as in full glass drinks; however each will have a different feel.

Everybody's Changing cover Everybody's Changing by Keane

-"The world is changing. Music is changing. Ziggy Pop is dead." -"it's Iggy Pop. And he's not dead he toured last year". Trainspotting, a conversation between Mark and Diane.

This Is The Last Time cover This Is The Last Time by Keane

Moments, various states of mind, your point of view changing at a rapid pace, depending on your mood, how many smiles you got this day, how many coins you've got left in your pockets. It's never enough though, that for granted. You need more time to absorb, but most of all, more time to interpret.

Higher Than The Sun cover Higher Than The Sun by Keane

There are many songs that contain this lyric "turn up the music/the song" or something similar, cheesy innit? Yeah, I used to think so, until I witnessed a bloke proposing to a lassie on such a song, when he was driving and I was in the car also. Classy times!

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