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Ten Tonne Skeleton cover Ten Tonne Skeleton by Royal Blood

This seems to tell a tale of how the niggers tries to start an uprising against the white race but failed due to their uneducated swine race

Routine cover Routine by Steven Wilson

Its about her wanting to get knocked up for that child support. All she does in this song is talk about how she wants to get fucked

God Knows I Tried cover God Knows I Tried by Lana Del Rey

Its talking about how he is tried so hard but in the end it doest even matter because he is a no good nigger

Jameson cover Jameson by Zella Day

Its about him thinking about switching to a harder dick instead of that limp one that nigger gave him

Going Out Like That cover Going Out Like That by Reba McEntire

She be saying she wish that the nigger in this song would put a gun to her tits. Its mostly about fucking out of there race

Options cover Options by Luke James ft. Rick Ross

Thinks about how he wants to have sex with homosexuals. The whole song is about him wishing he could be faggot and wont die like a man cause he wants to be a man with tits

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