Blue Is the Color of Goodbye
by Tim Ponzek
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Verse 1
She put on her rose-tinted glasses
And picked up her bag
Said, "Guess I'll see you around"
Empty words with no commitment
From someone no longer tied down
I guess rose is the color you want to see
When you finally open your eyes
And blue
Blue is the color of goodbye
Verse 2
You remember her voice like a rainstorm
Falling all around you
But her words were lost in the mist
With all the things you're trying to remember
Like the last time the two of you kissed
I guess gray is the color of fading echoes
All jumbled up in your mind
And blue
Blue is the color of goodbye
Verse 3
You pull the drapes across the window
And shut the door tight
Searching for a piece of the dark
Trying to create an empty space
So it looks like the place in your heart
I guess black is the color you paint your soul
As you disappear in the night
And blue
Blue is the color of goodbye
I guess blue
Blue is the color of goodbye

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