Closed Mouth
Closed Mouth

Closed Mouth Lyrics Meanings
by Frayser Boy

Aug 26, 2003
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Closed Mouth Lyrics

H see P what I'm reppin mane
If you ain't bout that better get the stepping mane
H see P what I'm reppin mane
If you ain't bout that betta get the stepping mane
H see P what I'm reppin mane
If you ain't bout that betta get the stepping mane
H see P what I'm reppin mane
If you ain't bout that betta get the stepping mane

[Verse 1]
Now I'm a tell you off top shit gone get a little drastic
Frayser come around its a wrap like plastic
Never punked out or pushed around like a basket
Keep yo lips zipped or you'll be next wit yo ass kick
Make it stick and move in and out like mash it
Handle that get the check, hit the bank, cash it
Niggas talking shit don't you get you ass blasted
Fuckin wit the bay could be deadly like acid
Laws come around them I'm poof like magic
Gone in 60 seconds now I'm breathing like a addict
Keep a tone close just in case I got some static
Nigga in the north ended up kinda tragic
Ridin home drunk in the car bout to crash it
Them folks took my license now I'm parked like Jurassic
Sittin [?] out so you know a nigga had it
Pick her up hit the room bang got her matted

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
If you got a closed mouth then you don't get fed
If you don't ask for chewin then you don't get head
You a real gangsta nigga then you don't get scared
Off you ass young nigga or you don't get bread

I wake up to a blunt got to sleep a blunt
Keep a tone in the car in the house is the pump
Bitch niggas get stomped it's the pumpkin head month
That got me looking for you like a Easter egg hunt
Got no love for you chumps real niggas don't front
Gotcha mug on me fellin Froggy then jump
Don't end up in the trunk cause you heard a lotta funk
Frayser boy bring the pain like [?]
Need an entourage every fuckin where you go
Cause you no when you alone you a flat foot
Hoe pop pop da trunk hit the pump I'm headed on a fuckin mission
Time to ride lets go hide devour all my competition
I'm bout to handle that I'm, bout to get the gat
Broke down on you once nigga you remember
That been drankin all night been smoking all day
So when you when you so fuck up my nigga this is kinda [?]


[Verse 3]
I been doin this since Moby dick was a gold fish ho
Time a let her hold somthin bitch hold this
In her hand is a fat dick she stuck like a magnet
You already knew the answer hoe before you ask it
Break a hoe to the flow use the pimp tactic
Tricken all the time got you blind like a bat bitch
Money getting slim so its time to black mask it
I know this dumb nigga keep his do in the mattress
Appreciate things acting like I never had shit
Fetty getting short make the stretch like elastic
Take a couple hits off the blunt then pass it
Smoke so much green niggas call me Saint Patrick
On the phone wit this hoe she say that she a bad bitch
My nigga hooked me up I never seen her but I'm matted
Pullin up I got her mind blown like a gasket
A ten on the phone but when you see her she a fat bitch


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Closed Mouth Meanings

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