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Heart Full Of Holes cover Heart Full Of Holes by Mark Knopfler

When I was young, on the folksong cusp of the Beatles, the Kingston Trio was one of my favorite groups. I particularly remember "Raspberries, Strawberries", a haunting story about World War I, where a young farmboy turned soldier found himself in France, where he loved a girl from the countryside, perhaps for the first time. Many decades later, now an old man, he returned to Paris after all his dreams of life had turned to dust. I really didn't understand how a man's life could turn out that way. Now, at 73, I understand. I am grateful for my beautiful progeny and the good things that Life has given me. But because of the profound way Knopfler sings the words, it makes me realize that my heart is still full of holes. I guess that is part of Life too.

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