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Stitches cover Stitches by Shawn Mendes

My children and myself have been devastated by whom I was sure was my soul mate. We just learned that he has Narcissistic Personality Disorder and is a Pathological Liar. He has ruined our lives and continues to cause terrible things to happen to us. We were together for 9 yrs. My kids and I adored him. Ive lost nearly 40 lbs in a few months time. He made sure my kids were separated from me and each other, then made me homeless without an income, just a few months after back surgery. This song hits it right on the nose. Many victims of this type of abuse never recover fully or it can take more than a decade to heal. I have wanted to die from the pain. Not your average breakup at all. Imagine living 9 yrs as a lie with your 4 children. And then hoping you didnt get a nasty std. Our whole futures changed/ruined.....devastated. These people cause you to become addicted to them. Using sex, emotions, mental and sometimes physical abuse.

Yeah thats true but i had it vise a versa and i am still struggling because she made it look like i was the narcissistic one now she uses our son to her advantage and all the roomers about our relationship to her advantage and others who knew the both of us because my height was bigger than hers and just like in the song i have been needing stitches because i have had to fight people who carry knifes since the break-up because she used facebook to blame me

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