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Back From the Dead cover Back From the Dead by Skillet

okay this song is very ehhh tricky to know the meaning of but i think i have it down.this song is about not a zombie apocalypse but is one ok? now let me explain,now it is not a actual "Zombie apocalypse" but is to this man who is fighting through his life the"zombies"are the people of the world trying to push him back or make him lose confidence in himself but as long as he fights back he'll stay alive because he knows that nobody can push you down as long as you retaliate.

Whatever It Takes cover Whatever It Takes by Imagine Dragons

hmm this song is a bit hard to decipher but in my opinion this song is about a man in a toxic relationship and the woman is using him but i also think he enjoys being used by her that he doesn't want to leave her because in the part where it states"break me down and build me up" this is a part of her breaking him down emotionally and she would use his love of her and what she makes him do to build him up again

My Demons cover My Demons by Starset

to me how i always thought what this song was about having depression and in this song the person of interest is now fallen head over heels for someone who thinks who will make everything okay,this song is to the woman he is trying to make his and to himself for having everything off his chest

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