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Tenerife Sea cover Tenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran

We all miss Ed with his songs that makes us gooey inside. Tenerife Sea is a song that Ed made when he was at the Grammys (according to some rumors). That's the reason why some fans especially SWEERAN fans (Taylor Swift + Ed Sheeran), thinks this song was about Taylor Swift. This song represents a guy's never ending admiration for a girl he likes. The way she look so wonderful on her dress, the color of her eyes, and the way her hair falls. It has a repetitive chorus of "So in love, so in love, so in love". And the song gives this feeling that everyone can relate to especially to boys who wants to express their feelings to someone they like. Tenerife Sea has a simple lyrics that will make your heart go "Awwwww". Every girl is lucky to have a dedicated song like this for them. So congrats for the lucky girl at the Grammy, if that's you Taylor Swift.

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