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Siren cover Siren by Tori Amos

Siren seems to be a tragic love story. A girl who is known as a siren (a dangerously alluring female with a taste for male blood but she is human) has gotten a man to be head over heels about her. The perspective is of his & has several opinions about her. He is fed up that she has been tricking him with sexual teases (coquette is someone who teases sexually) he has to hide the fact that he still loves her despite her being "dangerous" he ends up raping her & doesn't feel guilty because he believes she has deserved it by lying (doesn't mean she's holy) he is trying to control himself around her but she ends up calling an ambulance. Vanilla is the scent she wears that draws him in, because that might be something he remembers of the incident. She is young & perhaps a teenager, but she is trying to be brave enough to stand up for herself, but is to weak (almost brave, almost pregnant). He bashes her & calls her prissy & a conquette in attempt to feel hatred for the siren, but he still loves her & wants her for himself.

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