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Better In Time cover Better In Time by Leona Lewis

This reminds me of my fave quote in the movie “Perks of Being a Wallflower” (We accept the love we think we deserve.” Often after a failed relationship, we hurry to enter into another just to fill up the emptiness we feel inside. But sometimes, such drastic action, just makes it worse. Maybe we need a space on our own, to find ourselves again. I use to rush things in the past. Now that I have learned to be patient and let nature take its course, I feel better. So yeah, even though I really love you….I’m gonna smile because I deserve too.

Living in the Moment cover Living in the Moment by Jason Mraz

#Carpe Diem #WELO Often we create monsters in our heads, afraid for things to go wrong. Why waste our precious thoughts worrying for things that might not happen. We Live Only Once. Seize the day. Let us make our lives extraordinary and be the best that we can be!

The Man Who Can't Be Moved cover The Man Who Can't Be Moved by The Script

A common song for people who have just lost a relationship, still in pain, clinging to the past, hoping things will eventually change to favor their emotions. I admire his tenacity. No person has the right to criticize us how we repair our hearts, or how long we choose to grieve, because no one knows how we’re hurting. Recovery or acceptance takes time and everyone heals at his or her own pace. He chose to stay and wait…for how long, only his heart knows :)

Overcomer cover Overcomer by Mandisa

Mandisa, an overcomer in her real life (I'm aware of her bio) encourage us to be conquerors too. Everyone has at one point their lives, hit the rock bottom, but not all have found it easy to get back up. In this song, Mandisa assures us that there's someone mightier than us is ready to lift us from our bended knees. Whatever you're going through right now, be assured that it's temporary. Struggles are necessary. After all, what we become in the process is more important than what will we get in the end. This is Mandisa's way of saying, "Don't Give Up".

What Scars Are For cover What Scars Are For by Mandisa

Scars exists for an important reason other than to be seen as body's blemish...it's to remind us that we may not be at our desired destination yet, but we should be thankful that we made it this far. Scars are the memories of the past that cannot be changed, forgotten, edited or erased, it can only be accepted and learned from. Because sometimes the things we cannot change end up changing us...for the better version of us.

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