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Message Man cover Message Man by twenty one pilots

You don't know his backstory or who he is on the inside, if he doesn't express it. Then, Tyler repeats the chorus. Afterwars, Tyler does a small rap. He says, "Hope you're dead 'cause how could you sleep at a time like this, people they rhyme like this, we're all impressed by this, they rip it, flip it but these are just triplets, wrote this in three minutes, three words to a line, It's just poetry divided, I'm the kind of guy who takes every moment he knows he can fight it, and music to use it, for others to use it, your dead cause how could you sleep at a time like this?" That is the first part of his rap. This means that he doesnt understand how someone could slep at a time like this in their life, and that people are impressed but he raps that people do, but it's just poetry divided. Tyler is also saying that he is the kind of guy that takes every moment that he can to fight what's going on in his brain. He writes his music for himself and others to get help and use it. The next part of his rap is; "Life is up here, but you comment below, when the comments will always become common motivation, to promote you choose next episode, so your bbrain knows to keep going, even though hope is far from this moment, but you and I know it gets better when morning finally rears it's head, together we'll lose this, remember the future, remember that morning is when night is dead." Tyler is saying that our society is based off of comments of other people, and that this becomes motivation. For example, if someone calls you fat, it's motivation for the person to become skinnier. THERE IS NO PROBLEM WITH BEING FAT!!! But some people feel the need to put people down for you. REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL IN YOUR OWN WAY AND DON'T NEED TO CHANGE FOR OTHERS!!!! Tyler says to keep going, even though you are no where near hope. Things will get better, so just stau strong. Think about your future! Then, the song repeats the chorus multiple times, then the song is over. Thanks-- Emma

Message Man cover Message Man by twenty one pilots

The Twenty One Pilots song "Message Man" is another one of my favorites. It is very catchy. Let's start the interpretation! When Tyler Joseph (the lead singer) says, "A loser hides behind, a mask of my disguise, and who I am today, is worse than other times, you don't know what I've done, I'm wanted and on the run, I'm wanted and on the run, so I'm taking this moment to live in the future" This is saying that he truly feels as if he is a loser hiding behind his face. Also, who he is today (his personality), is worse than it was at other times of his life. Tyler than is talking about how you don't know what he's done, and that he really could be wanted, and on the run. But you don't know his backstory well enough to be the judge of that. Tyler feels that living in the future would be better than now. Next, Tyler sings the chorus, or repeating part of the song that gets the point across, which is; "Release my from the prresent, I'm obsessing, all these questions, why I'm in denial that they tried this suicidal session, please use discretion when your messing with the message man, these lyrics aren't for everyone, only few understand." This is saying that he is sick of the present, and that he doesn't really think that he needs suicidal therapy. Tyler also feels that only people suffering will understand the lyrics that are said by him. Next, Tyler sang, :You don't know my brain, The way you know my name, You don't know my heart, The way you know my face, You don't know what I've done, I'm wanted and on the run, I'm wanted and on the run, So I'm taking this moment to live in the future..." This is all basically saying that you have no idea who he truly is. You know his name, but have no idea what is truly going on in his brain. You may know his face, but have no idea what's going on in his heart, and what he is feeling.

Soap cover Soap by Melanie Martinez

For all of the followers of Melanie Martinez, you should know that she uses songs to get points across. Not all of her songs are about love. But this one happens to be about her emotions. I interpreted that she is upset about trusting a boy and sharing something that she might have not wanted to share. She says in the song, "God I wish I never spoke, now I gotta wash my mouth out with soap." This is saying that she wishes that she could go back and change what she did and clean out her mouth and rid the bad judgement of who she was telling all of he information to. I hope this helps! Thanks-- Emma

Lucky I Got What I Want cover Lucky I Got What I Want by Jungle

Sorry that I forgot to put this into the first portion that I wrote, but after looking back through the lyrics one more time, I noticed that Jungle said "will I be forgiven" and I interpreted this as him asking for forgiveness of his wrong-doings, and him feeling bad for the ways he was feeling. Also, the whole entire song is called, "Lucky I Got What I Want". Jungle repeated these words throughout the song, and I think that this is telling everyone listening that he is lucky to have all of the things that he has. So he shouldn't be upset about what he is upset about. Thanks-- Emma

Lucky I Got What I Want cover Lucky I Got What I Want by Jungle

After going through and listening to this catchy song, I looked at the lyrics to dig deeper and figure out what was going on. The song "Lucky I Got What I Want" by Jungle was put in the movie called "Nerve", which is where I discovered it. In the song, the artist says things like, "Inside this killing, cut if I want, time to leave..." which makes me see the depressed proportion of the song. Support that this part of the song was written to be depressing, is that Jungle is constantly singing "Don't you, forget about me" throughout the entire song that he sings. I thing that Jungle covers up the sad parts of the song by putting in catchy beats that people will find catchy. The entire song is very catchy, but just like me, when people first listen to the song, I don't think that they will notice exactly what Jungle is saying. I hope this helps, I will probably go through and do some more song lyrics to help other people. Please comment what your thoughts are because I would love to hear them in opposition to what I said. Thanks! -- Emma

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