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Broken Generation cover Broken Generation by Of Mice & Men

What I think this song means is that our generation doesn' attention nor listen to the people who are going or went through things in there life.." he sits there and wait feeling broken and hollow. Hands held close to his face screaming why do I bother. They'll just break me down, tear me apart cast aside like a sinner, with no words from the wise.can you.hear them call you testify to justify you have to find a way" I think the.meaning of this verse.means that someone is trying to talk to someone about how they feel but it's either no one bothers to listen to them or they testify against them justifying there feelings. "With arcane eyes you're staring.back at someone with no face" the meaning of arcane is mysterious so in other words the people who testify against the people who feel hurt and broken are staring back at someone with mysterious eyes.not.seeing that they're hurt. This generation.constantly is using.there own knowledge and thinking that if they were in first-person place they would do it the way they feel. What i am thinking as a person.With anxiety disorder is that ever listens they always constantly want to tell you what to do if they thought of.themselves in that position. I.constantly am always told when i talk about my feelings to get over it or control myself from a panic attack or shit over thinking. But what they don't understand is that i can't control it and they're thinking.that since they can do it.then i can. It just makes me feel what's the point why do I.bother when all my feelings are meaningless and pushed to.the sudr

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