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Flowers cover Flowers by Kelly Rowland

The term "give me my flowers while I am still living" refers to the fact that people receive more recognition in death rather than in life. To truly give your loved ones “flowers” while they are still living looks like telling them how much you love them every day, spending time with them, making sure they know that they are loved, telling them the good things about themselves. Ms. Rowland has spoken on the troubled relationship between her and her mother, an ongoing event lasting up until the time her mother passed away. Life is way too short to hold onto grudges, especially with the ones we love, because from the minute we are born our time clock begins to countdown... and when that time has run out, the things we wished we had said and done become nothing more than just a wish. I didn't love you the way I should have when I had the chance, so now, you will get all your flowers.

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