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Hide Away cover Hide Away by Daya

Daya in this song is addressing the shallowness and problems shown inside our teenage generation. They seem to want sex more than anything and they're incapable of making proper decisions and seeing the bigger picture. She addresses that they don't put anytime and commitment into their relationships and don't try hard enough to understand anyone else inside a relationship or who is troubled. This might be my favorite song. It is so realistic and more people should take time to analyse not only it's tone and melody, but its rhythm more than anything else.

One Call Away cover One Call Away by Charlie Puth

A guy likes a girl and notices that she has a bad day. He reminds her that he is only 'one call away' and compares himself to superman to represent how he could save her day(from bad to good). He is trying to make a connection to this girl both emotion and physical through the act of becoming her boyfriend. He also is showing how he is within reach and will always be there for her in the time of need.

Hands to Myself cover Hands to Myself by Selena Gomez

The girl in this song is trying to have sex and is plain 'horny'. She is saying that she can't keep her hands to herself because she wants to tempt and seduce the guy who she is talking to. She mistakes her love for 'her horniness' and uses examples in nature to form an argument. Society sees this ('doctors' and 'people') and tries to stop the process but she says that society is just trying to get in the way and that we (person who she is talking to)should "mate"

Hello cover Hello by Adele

A woman is reminiscing about her ex boyfriend and how much she misses him. She places a call towards him in hopes of talking and meeting up again. She uses the metaphor 'us and a million miles' to represent how far they've drifted apart and what she wishes to happen between them. She acknowledges her mistakes by saying that its typical of her to talk about herself. This is mostly just a song about how Adele misses a boy and wants things between them to change. By saying hello to a new beginning.

Cake By the Ocean cover Cake By the Ocean by DNCE

This song is about a guy who is trying to get a girl he meets by 'breaking her out of her shell'. She is always living carefully and calculated and not willing to take risks. He's trying to stop her from doing that by offering himself to go on a date with her. He also has a ulterior motive which is to have sex. He's doing this and more in an attempt to get her out of her shell and her pants.

7 Years cover 7 Years by Lukas Graham

I think this song is about a guy in his mid 20s' who is telling someone(probably a reporter,friend, or a sibling) about his life through different ages. His mother probably died when he was younger which is why his dad is the only one mentioned after the first line. He's also learning about life through his children and through his wife. He's telling his story in (a lot of slant) rhymes and through different parts of his life (past,present, and future).

I agree and it does sound pretty accurate.

Yeah I agree with Oscarmoriasi his interpretation does sound correct to me is does.

Piece by Piece cover Piece by Piece by Kelly Clarkson

A girl meets a guy and she's pregnant with a child. This guy also happens to be her husband. In the song she's reflecting on how bad of a parent her father was by stating that this new guy is going to be better. The piece by piece part is showing how her father destroyed her emotionally and mentally to pieces. Her husband is taking those pieces and putting them together (metaphorically).

My House cover My House by Flo Rida

A guy is trying to convince a girl to go to his house and have sex by seducing her. He says he doesn't want to go out to eat because that decreases the amount of time he can have sex with her.

Love Yourself cover Love Yourself by Justin Bieber

A teenager started dating a girl who was a bad influence. His mother and all the people (who cared about him) around were telling him to break up with her, but he refused because he thought he loved her. He finally sees that shes a bad influence and breaks up with her. He received peer pressure to be with her. These peers were the ones who didn't care about him.

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