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Shadows cover Shadows by Sabrina Carpenter

“we look for someone to believe in” shows that Sabrina wants to trust someone to heal and feel better the “shadows” in this song may be refering to Sabrina’s dark past / bad side of her personality (just something negative) “i dont mind your shadows, because they look a lot like mine”. this part sounds like (to me) that Sabrina tries to forget the negative side of her but maybe (just maybe) she came to a realization that she can’t escape it no matter what so wrote “cause’ they look a lot like mine”. Sabrina said it herself that the album “EVOLution” is an album about growth, so if you refer the word “growth” to the whole lyrics of “Shadows”, then all i said above may make sense. correct me if im wrong :> (i really do wanna hear it from Sabrina herself of the true meaning of Shadows & other songs)

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