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Kate Is Great cover Kate Is Great by The Bouncing Souls

I think the meaning has to do with overcoming addiction either alcohol or heroin. Its sounds as if the song is about 'kate' and the fact that now she's great. After '5 years of sleeping where (she) falls' she's seen some things, been some places. She used to have a house with a room and a bed but 'traded them in'. A common way addicts in recovery speak about property that was sold or lost due to their addiction. She learned some things about herself, about places she's been. It came the hard way, but now she knows what counts. Now she's got one prayer: 'it's in your confidence' That she is now sober. Then says to 'remember her next time she goes away, for the 1st time in her life she wants to stay'. Its been 5 years and and she's finally clean. And wants to be remembered like this in case things change. Kate now knows all the places

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