DJ Luck & MC Neat

London, England, United Kingdom
UK house & garage duo
Luck & Neat are a London based duo composed of DJ Luck and MC Neat, creating a distinctive mix of House Music and Garage Music. They are most recognised for their 1998 release, 'A Little Bit of Luck', starting out as a promo dubplate costing a mere 50 pounds. Their debut album ('Its All Good', released 2002) has only solidified their wide following among 2 Step Garage fans. To this day they attract both underground and mainstream success. Luck and Neat's real names are Joel Samuels and Michael Rose, respectively.
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Top Songs by DJ Luck & MC Neat

R&B Anthems: Classic Jams

Can I Kick It?

by &

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Can I Kick It


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King of the North

Through the Night

by (Feat. )

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