Thoughts about songs with #EnduringSpirit

Shine On You Crazy Diamond cover Shine On You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd

This poignant tribute by Pink Floyd reflects on the rise and fall of a brilliant, yet troubled individual. The lyrics evoke the memory of someone who once radiated like the sun but now bears a haunting emptiness, symbolized by "black holes in the sky." Caught between childhood innocence and the pressures of stardom, this person’s journey is marked by premature ambition and subsequent disillusionment. Despite being battered by life's challenges, they are encouraged to continue shining with their unique light. Ultimately, this song is a melancholic ode to lost brilliance and enduring spirit. #Tribute #StardomStruggles #EnduringSpirit

Jet Fuel cover Jet Fuel by Mac Miller

In this introspective track, the late rapper explores his journey to stardom and the challenges he faced along the way. He uses the metaphor of 'jet fuel' to symbolize his drive and determination, which never runs out despite the pressures of fame. The lyrics also reflect on his struggles with substance abuse, represented by being 'in the clouds', hinting at a desire for escape. However, Miller emphasizes his resilience and commitment to stay in the game, no matter what obstacles come his way. This song serves as a reminder of Miller's enduring spirit and dedication to his craft. #Resilience #FamePressure #SubstanceAbuse #EnduringSpirit

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