Fake Flowers
Fake Flowers

Fake Flowers Lyrics Meanings
by Boldy James, The Alchemist, Curren$y, Freddie Gibbs

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Fake Flowers Lyrics

Yeah (uh-huh)
Where we at? (Blockworks)
Bo Jackson (uh-huh)
Let's get it (uh-uh)

Down in Saratoga with titties on the yop, ain't talkin' areola (yeah)
Two for ten purple tops, hotboxin' for paranoia (uh)
Non-opinionated, please don't ask me how I feel about it (nah)
Everything I stand on in these streets, I'm bound to kill behind it (slide)
Die about it, pops'd be the first to say I got it honest (ayy)
Turn the 504 into a block, this shit ain't rocket science (skrrt)
Got this shit down to a T, bro been posted, did his bid
Got popped with dope and a strig, how you got out doin' three? (Tell me)
Still gettin' hit off of consignment for the duty-free (yeah)
Difference between you and me, how long it take to move a ki' (where we at?)
My life is what it look like when God favors you
If you know what I made it through, then you can understand
How we got the upper hand and how that bubble Benz navy blue
You do what you do to get paid, I do what I get paid to do (you know it)
Can't even count for all that money I done made with Goo (Cuzzo)
So much dope in this bitch, they fuck around and raid the stu'

Cars park slanted, diagonal outside the castle (yeah)
Ferraris gallop, the bulls dashin', Porsches skedaddle
Shiftin' gears with the paddle, boxin' my shadow
Countin' stacks from music and fashion is multitaskin'
The price is the price, it all depends on who you askin'
Park crooked in the 'Vette, my partner had to vanish
I was assessin' the damage, same time plannin' the mansion
With the showcase driveway, backyard with the hammock
Used to be smoked out at the Los Angeles standard
First season BBC, thought I was wearin' pyjamas
Them fools ain't like me, already dead, ahead of my time
They analyze my lines years later, realize my state of mind
It's too late for all them fake flowers
The weed done rumbled on overpowered
I raise my money like a child and I'm so proud of it

Ha, I'm so proud, haha, yo, nigga, fuck them kids
I ain't your mentor or your role model
Ferrari, Masi', got one seat, get a Uber, bitch, have them hoes follow
Moved on from Porsche Carrera, four dollars (skrrt)
The funny thing is I still had all the bitches when I had no dollars (bitch)
Frequent flyer mileage, I might ship in a freak
Ho, c'est la vie, I'm in Paris with your bitch as we speak
Bitch, bien aqui, Spanish bitch gon' turn a two to a three
And if her Uncle wasn't my plug
I'd smoke his ass and have her workin' for me (brr, bitch)
Yeah, it's kinda mani' how my brain be workin' (yeah)
Nigga ran through Indy with them oxys, had them eighties workin' (that oxycontin)
And if he old enough to hold a strap, I'll have your baby workin' (shootin')
Youngsters on that EMPCP, they ain't afraid to murder (brra)
Insane rabbit gang, I'm talkin' gang of murder (yeah)
Jewish lawyers make it like polices look like they framed the murders (yeah)
I don't sell no work on the phone, bitch, I got jankies servin' (yeah)
Ktr the army, ho, go and get you a navy service
Dog house, crack house, molly and X house (yeah)
Michael Jackson ain't dead, he live in my guest house (yeah)
And if my nigga let's out, we pull them vests out (skrrt)
Quick to hit the whole friend circle, they left her sexed out
Went from a prison cell in France to droppin' movies in Cannes
Red carpet, Tom Ford from the shirt to the pants
I came a long way from ridin' with that work in the van (skrrt)
And check the Honda Odyssey, he hid the work in advance
Nigga (yeah)

But you're an inspiration because you had no money
Now you got all the money anyone ever needs
You're sayin' that you wanna get more?
I mean, that's not important
But I mean you can buy all the physical creature comforts
But, have you changed inside at all?
I think you should get in the studio next time
Who, me?
I'm talkin' about you should get in the booth with me
Like the old music you used to do
Alright, so we do something else?
Yeah, what you wanna do?
Yo, it feels good to be in the studio
Yeah, and this is where I get the most focus

Writer(s): Daniel Alan Maman, Shante Scott Franklin, Fredrick Jamel Tipton, James Clay Jones II
Copyright(s): Lyrics © BMG Rights Management
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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