Kokamoe Freestyle
Kokamoe Freestyle

Kokamoe Freestyle Lyrics Meanings
by GoldLink

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Kokamoe Freestyle Lyrics

Lacking with the clip
We dump it off like we run Montavit
Sorry homie you know we not friends
It's all for politics
Politics, never get to see who really running shit
Now you know who running shit
You rappers on punishment

Popping dog niggas they be lying on their brother dick
Everybody scared of "Lil' Linky" man it's evident
Feeling like 50 way back in '03, aw geez
Talking 'bout goddamn they on some other shit
3-0 why I'm screaming 4-4 on my Louis shit
Popping tags, I buy the Mo' on they dummy shit
Uh uh see I say no, so I don't know
Black and yellow goose with the boots and the jumpsuit
3 shot, a nigga had the go-go last week
We don't really care who got shot last week
Running up the meter, plug a villain bumping me
Coasting past shit, you don't want no problems with a G
Big Sig, big jig, I'm the gang of the streets
I never had to struggle when gangs in a beef
Always ten toes so it's hard to defeat
And trust me nigga I been looking hard for a beat, huh

He ain't rap this hard in a long time
U-Street, popping off, Vita do's and nines
Plus some homies always say we're lying to the guys
I'm alive, been addicted to the power, ain't gon' lie, yo
Ain't no fear, I'm never well and put a shell up in ya
Ain't no telling when we do it, we just shoot and get ya
Got a bad thing, her name LaLa
Ask why, with them tatas keep my mouth wide, uh
Northside bumping "Norf Norf" what a day
When I was a baby I was wilding for respect
You gon' get your head bust fucking with the set
Fuck around here and talk crazy, you get wet
We ran so many niggas outta here
Wonder why young Linky never had a fear
Say it once, say it twice
You gon' get a piece
Anybody ever ask what happened with the bitch

Running from police, they almost had me when I steal
Ran, went back I almost started selling then
'Round the same time bumping T.I. versitile
I ain't know who went harder, made me wanna sell a brick
Now we in the game enough so busy from the bank
Niggas look to you like damn dog, look where you came

I don't give a fuck about shit, man yeah I changed
And let your niggas style and I need my fucking change
DMV nigga, hunnid niggas under ya
Lacking, lacking, lacking
Lacking with my peers
Rapping ass nigga, but I'm quiet when I'm here
I'm always plotting on a bitch
Pretend I'm plotting on my fears
We don't need no attacks from the boys
We just need, respect "the boys"
We don't wanna fall in love by the boys
So I just get the lil' reap drilling with the boys

Oh no

(Trigger has no heart, baby) Oh no
(Trigger never had no heart, baby)
(Trigger has no heart, baby) Oh no
(Trigger never had no heart, baby)
(Trigger has no heart, baby) Oh no
(Trigger never had no heart, baby)

Writer(s): D'Anthony Carlos, Sidney Swindail
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Kokamoe Freestyle Meanings

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