The Sword in the Stone cover
The Sword in the Stone cover

The Sword in the Stone Lyrics Meanings
by Kayak


The Sword in the Stone Lyrics

I've fashioned a sword, put it into a stone
I've sent it afloat, then the sea took it
In the perilous chapel it waits
For Arthur to raise it in front of you all
With this token of power the nation won't fall
It will shield you from evil and hate
The dragon died on that night, pointing out his

The hidden son to all unknown, came to fight the
The knights must be convinced
Challenging the prince
He'll bring you peace and victory, so why all the
He'll unite the kings and rule the land, bringing light
After darkness
But nobles won't accept until he proves the fact
That the true king alone

Can draw the sword from the stone
Reaching out for the jewelled hilt, oh its burning like
To take the sword and claim their rights is their only
But failure shows them why
There's more than meets the eye
Arthur holds Excalibur, the invincible weapon
To fight the wrong and serve the right, I know he'll

Make it happen
This sword will make him stronger
Never to be conquered
Now the heir to the throne
Has drawn the sword from the stone
Now the king's unsurpassed as a leader of man
There's a scar from his past which he'll bear till the
Like a curse it will last
His own blood wants revenge'

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The Sword in the Stone Meanings

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