She Used to Be Mine
She Used to Be Mine

Michael Crawford - She Used to Be Mine Lyrics

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She Used to Be Mine Lyrics

I understand there's nothing I can do
I can't be what she needs as long as she needs you
If you're the one she'll turn to from now on
There are things that you should know
About her when I'm gone

She's not as brave as she might seem
And when she's had a scary dream
If you don't hold her she won't sleep all night
She's not as strong as she should be
She cries at movies on TV
And counts on you to see that things go right

But she's a chance to make your dreams come true
To have someone who thinks there's nothing you can't do
A chance to live each day
And care the way you always knew you could
Take care of her for me
She used to be mine

She's not her best on rainy days
She'll test your love a hundred ways
She plays with your emotions like a song
She chases dreams that can't come true
And always tries too hard for you
And never knows just how to say she's wrong

But she's the chance to make your life complete
A chance to take these lonely days and make them sweet
A chance to feel so good
That everyone will wish they could be you
Take care of her for me
She used to mine

She'll never leave you anytime alone
She needs more time and tenderness
Than anyone you've known

But she's a chance you'll never have again
A chance that always seems to come to other men
A chance I can't forget
A chance that I somehow let slip away
Take care of her for me
She used to be mine...

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