Bank Lyrics Meanings
by Pac Div

Nov 27, 2012
Bank Music Video

Bank Lyrics

Man what's it goinExplaing to take?
Always making ground breaking shit that don't break?
All the corny ass nigga got cake
So how much of my corny ass shit it' gon' take
Time to rob a bank
Walk in that bitch like show me the safe
My girl nervous she think I'm gon' shake
Cause I'm pacing like a schizophrenic nigga on crank, damn
That's what I do, buy a mask and a suit
If the bitch behind the counter move her ass, I'mma shoot
Val Kilmer and De Niro in this ho
Got a driver outside in the Beamer: let's go
High speed chase on the 405
Helicopter in the skies so you know it's live
This morning I woke up, got high
I was broke, until I got a call from my guy saying

[Chorus: x8]
"What you think man? Time to rob a bank"

We can hit every Bank of America
Before five we could hit this chase, nigga hurry up
Money on my mind, got me pit bull terrier
Want what's inside, in the shit that's with the carrier
Stocking cap on right now, I ain't sporting waves
Just my niggas in the building and we sporting K's
Just bag it up we can dip before the boys is paged
Guaranteed what we make we be copping more than J's
Popping with them federals
See how they feel once we up out that Jetta though
Straight cash what the fuck I need a debit for
Barack understand we all fresh out the ghetto

[Chorus: x8]

Fuck that bitch, that goofy ass bitch
She a slut, that ho, that goofy ass bitch
Had me mixed up in some goofy ass shit
Talking bout me online, that's a groupie ass bitch
What you think man? We trying to rob a bank
I got bills, I got dreams, I need gas in my tank

Slanging lean, slanging pills, making crack, serving base
Black mask, black mags, grabbing cash off the safe: run
Plotting schemes off of weed and some Grand Marnier
Big faces like Chinese anime
Swole faces like Ike did Annie Mae
Make a dash, take my ass up to San Jose
Dip in, counting my grip
Want to shut her ass up, put her mouth on my dick
Ay - fuck around, put a round on my clip
Pull the money out the drawer, bitch I'm down for my clique

[Chorus: x8]

Writer(s): Elijah Molina, Gabriel Stevenson, Michael Stevenson, Bryan Young
Copyright(s): Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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