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Fix You cover Fix You by Coldplay

I feel in this song the writer is giving credit to God. He mentions different disappointments that we all face and how that can be fixed. There isn't any human that could successfully fix every problem mentioned. So the song is speaking as if God is telling us as listener's he would fix us

A Sky Full of Stars cover A Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay

In this song he's willing to take a chance with a new relationship. He's been hurt before so he's willing to risk feeling this pain once again for someone he feels is so special

Love Love Love cover Love Love Love by Of Monsters and Men

This is a relationship that never got the chance to take off because this is a bad time for her. Which is what she meant by "So I think it's best we both forget before we dwell on it" She feels bad for leading the man to think that she's ready for a relationship. Which is what she meant by "Well, maybe I'm a crook for stealing your heart away Yeah, maybe I'm a crook for not caring for it Yeah, maybe I'm a bad, bad, bad, bad person". She's not ready for a relationship and she's trying to stop him before he gets to close to her.

Organs cover Organs by Of Monsters and Men

This woman was in a relationship that didn't work no matter which way she turned. She tried everything she can think of to save their relationship which is what she meant by "But I never changed a single colour that I breathe" "I am tired of punching in the wind I am tired of letting it all in And I should eat you up and spit you right out I should not care but I don't know how" This happened mostly because her mate didn't try very hard to understand her. Which is what is meant by "The wind blows loudest when you've got your eyes closed" "So you could have tried to take a closer look at me". She takes the blame for the failing relationship but at the same time refused to stay bruised to the point of never moving on. Which is what she meant by "But I leave in my heart 'Cause I don't want to stay in the dark"

For the First Time cover For the First Time by The Script

A relationship doesn't show its true colors of love until the "times are hard". Which is what is meant by "Even after all these years We just now got the feeling that we're meeting For the first time" Most men don't know how to react to lost employment and it often cause them to withdraw emotionally and physically from their mates. Which is what is meant by " She's all laid up in bed with a broken heart While I'm drinking Jack all alone in my local bar" "She needs me now but I can't seem to find a time" "While I just lost my job but didn't lose my pride" The man in this relationship is going to try his best to deal with the problem and even talking out the problem with his mate all the while drawing close to her again. Which is what is meant by "Trying to make it work but man these times are hard But we're gonna start by drinking old cheap bottles of wine Sit talking up all night Doing things we haven't for a while, a while yeah Smiling but we're close to tears"

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