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Again cover Again by Flyleaf

This song is about how people always try to handle their issues again and again, when they should surrender to God, and give their problems to him.

Monster cover Monster by Skillet

This song is about all the inner torment (or sin) we have that makes us feel like a monster.

Forgiven cover Forgiven by Skillet

This song is about how God forgives us, even when we are unfaithful, and sin.

Stars cover Stars by Skillet

This song is about how God holds the stars in place, so why should we be worried about him taking care of us (hold our hearts in place).

Make a Move cover Make a Move by Icon for Hire

This song is about how so many people are aware of issues that are happening (such as poverty in Northern Africa) but still don't do anything about it, because it doesn't affect them. That's why somebody needs to make a move, because we all know what's going.

Love Me Now cover Love Me Now by Nine Lashes

I think yhere are two possible meanings for this song. The first is that the singer has been unfaithful to God, and he's wondering how God still love him. The second is that the singer is asking somebody he left or hurt if and how they still love him.

Pop Culture cover Pop Culture by Icon for Hire

This song is giving the singer's (Ariel) opinion of American Pop Culture, with lyrics like "pop cultutre does nothing for me, the American dream mainstream just bores me."

Never Too Late cover Never Too Late by Three Days Grace

My take on the song is that it's dealing with the issue of suicide. The singer is talking to someone who's deppressed, and is trying to do anything he can to help the person.

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