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Real Gone cover Real Gone by Sheryl Crow

I came here looking for a meaning, but I may have one myself. The first paragraph doesn't need much explanation - a Southern girl "introducing" herself. "We've been driving this road / for a mighty long time / payin no mind to the signs" sounds like it's describing a relationship that "breaks the rules" so to speak, like Hunter Hayes' "I Want Crazy". The chorus supports that theory as well. It sounds like the girl is warning someone to be careful and watch what they're doing before they get in trouble. The next part is easy. It's talking about a new guy in town who's a little too cocky. "You think you know him so well / Yeah you think he's so swell / But he's just perpetuating prophecy" and then the chorus sounds like the girl is warning a friend (or any girl in particular) to stay away from him, because he's a player, like Carrie Underwood's "Good Girl". The last three lyrics of the next seem to be an "I told you so" to the girl who fell for him. I'm not sure about the rest but hopefully this helps!

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