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Woman Woman cover Woman Woman by AWOLNATION

I believe the lyrics indicate that the subject had been in some sort of situation with 2 lovers. There is a realization that the 1st lover is the one for him and wants to move forward with the relationship while leaving the affair in the past. "Last night I fell apart, choked on my drunken heart." He seems to have had some sort of mental breakdown, or revealed the affair to his girlfriend under the influence of alcohol. This seems to be a consistent theme in this album. Almost a concept of some sort. Listening to the album through, its as if the subject falls in love while being with someone else, and is in conflict with himself, trying to make sense of it all. The next track, "Like people like plastic," explores the fakeness of people and is almost an admission that the love he felt for the other girl wasn't real. The last track on the album indicates that his girlfriend or wife left him, but he is confident she will come back to him.

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