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Money cover Money by Pink Floyd

This song is so well known that nobody bothered to post anything, so I'll say something. This song is quite profound and sarcastic at the same time. Its lyrics go into the theme of the excesses of money and the greed and egoism they bring. This song is an opposition to the use of money in the capitalist society, turning people into greedy, self-centered rascals (I allow myself to stay polite). These people are always unsatisfied : once they have what they want, they want more. We can see this in this sentence "I'm in the high fidelity first class travelling set/And I think I'll need a Lear jet." There is much more to say about this song, so much more that it would take the whole day for me to finish that post. So for now I'll leave it there, go have fun reading the in-depth analyses on the Internet!

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